Tuesday, February 4, 2014

VUB Continues to Recruit New Participants

Look for Veterans Upward Bound Academic Advisors, Aaron Mabe and Wilson Lester, as we continue to partner with our community resources to fill the remaining available spaces in our VUB Program. This past fall we partnered with the Chatham County Job Link Center and other community partners to offer information about the opportunities that are available through the VUB program to veterans interested in attending college.  It is important for us to maintain strong relationships between our program and community agencies that may be of assistance to veterans in our target counties, as they provide invaluable resources to our veteran participants.   Look for us this spring as we travel throughout our target counties, which include Chatham County, Harnett County, Johnston County, Lee County, and Wake County.  


Veterans Upward Bound successfully launched many new services this fall including one of its most beneficial services: academic instruction! In October, November, and December, approximately 20 members of the Veterans Upward Bound program attended evening and online academic instruction courses in Mathematics, Literature and Composition, and Science to prepare them for college-level academics and help them avoid having to enroll in remedial courses once in college. Academic Instruction is scheduled to begin again in early March and run through May, while looking to expand its courses to include Spanish. If you are interested in enrolling in these courses, please contact your Academic Advisor for more information.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Committing to Change

Over the past couple of weeks, the Veterans Upward Bound program has been hosting a series of New Student Orientations. This activity integrates our veteran participants into the VUB program; assess their academic abilities, while allowing the VUB staff to get to know every participant individually. As a VUB Academic Advisor, I am proud the vast group of individuals from all walks of life and situations that have come forward to better themselves by attaining an education. 

Change is inevitable, also necessary for growth. I find that each veteran in our program has realized the importance of change. They have undoubtedly embraced the idea of change, and have taken the challenges that occur there in, head on. I have been moved by that boldness to seize a new opportunity. I assume this mentality is from their vast training and experience defending our great nation.

Going to college is great challenge, not for just for the individual, but for the family members involved. Knowing that, along with the external factors of family, friends, bills, personal time, and patience; it only would seem normal that making the commitment to change your life (through education), is not an easy decision to make. I applaud our Vets from Raleigh, Smithfield, Sanford, Siler City, Lillington, and everywhere else in North Carolina, that have taken that first step of change. It takes a village.